That’s What She Said

Daddio took the girls home today after they were here for a week. Vex had her baby last week Friday and we offered to have them stay all week. It was a total win-win for us in our eyes.

Of course, being the peace loving freak that I am I went out and put together a huge bag of goodies for Vex and new BabyCinco. A few cute outfits, some onesies, babylegs and a package of diapers, the usual. Daddio reported to me that Vex was very gracious at our gesture. That made me happy. I want to kill her with kindness. Seriously, that is my goal in life. Right after getting married to her ex husband and giving her daughters at least two more blood siblings and maybe, just maybe winning the lottery. But I thought it was good that she saw we are trying to be nice and friendly.

Daddio then spilled the news that he and I are going to be eloping this weekend. Thankfully the unexpected baby items seemed to diffuse any issues of her pulling a stunt. Score one for Daddio and I. No outlandish outbursts of revenge because we’re ridiculously happy and she’s not thanks to Pampers and Babylegs.

Daddio also asked about MissyMae’s preschool plans, since our request for 50/50 custody was denied due to her starting preschool this fall, however he did not get a response back about it and, thankfully, he was smart enough to drop it for now. My hope is that Vex will be so overwhelmed with BabyCinco she wont put up a fight when we ask her again this fall. Hey, a girl can hope right?

Me, I’m just excited that Vex is being so cooperative at the moment. This could be really, really good if it keeps up. Like amazingly good.

Daddio and I bought some turnabout rings from Kohls today that were BOGO. $30 for the pair and we’re good to go for Vegas this weekend.

And that’s about it y’all.

~ Momtog


2 Responses to “That’s What She Said”

  1. 1 hef September 8, 2009 at 2:31 am

    OMG… sooooo excited for you. So. Excited. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eloping= FABULOUS idea. Killing her with kindness= Perfect.

    I also think that newborn baby might possibly= much better odds at gaining 50/50. Does she have a male companion in the home?

    Good luck with everything. What a chaotic/beaurtiful life you’re living these days, lady.

    You know I love ya.

  2. 2 1point2 September 8, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Thanks Hef. 🙂

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