My goals I’m currently trying to reach

1. lose 15 lbs by 1/1/10

2. find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

3. write thank you notes

4. Get down to a size 10

5. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

6. List 100 things I love about my husband.

7. Set up an Emergency Fund of $500

8. get out of debt

9. 100 No Drive Days in 2010

10. 100 No Spend Days in 2010

11. Save $5000 for a new minivan

12. Spend Free for 90 days


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Who Are These People?

Mav/Momtog/1p2 -
Me. The voice inside your head.

Daddio -
My husband.

Myfavoriteonlychild, my 3 yr old son

MissyMae & MissyLou -
Daddio's two dear daughters from his previous marriage to Vex.

Ama -
My on-again-off-again mother whom MFOC absolutely adores to bits and pieces and I manage to tolerate 6 months and 2 days out of the year.

Vex -
The crazy ex. Because no blended family would be complete without one. (But she's only half crazy EOW & alternating holidays)

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