What is 1 Point 2?

Some say it’s the ratio of vodka to ice cubes in the drink beside my laptop.

Some say it’s the average number of kids in an American household.

Or that it’s the lusted f Stop of L series glass.

Or maybe it’s just the number of pounds I’ve been able to lose since last Christmas despite dedicated dieting and exercising.

Whatever it is, this is my blog to talk about myfavoriteclient, myfavoriteonlychild, and the other amazing events in my life being a Momtog. We are a family that’s half American and half British, shaken, stirred, and perfectly blended to get all the lumps out. We have ups, downs, and some side to sides, but all the while we laugh until we cry and then cry until we laugh. We share a common bond in this house. A bond that’s an unbreakable vow to be united no matter what. I willingly give my husband ultimate trump power in situations where we can’t agree and trust him to lead us to great things. We believe in God even if we can’t find a church and trust that faith will see us through. We are looking forward to the challenging times in life when we will be able to see just what we’re capable of overcoming as a family, just how strong we are as a unit.

All the while I write, blog, document and take pictures every step of the way.

Our story is worth remembering.

Worth telling.


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Mav/Momtog/1p2 -
Me. The voice inside your head.

Daddio -
My husband.

Myfavoriteonlychild, my 3 yr old son

MissyMae & MissyLou -
Daddio's two dear daughters from his previous marriage to Vex.

Ama -
My on-again-off-again mother whom MFOC absolutely adores to bits and pieces and I manage to tolerate 6 months and 2 days out of the year.

Vex -
The crazy ex. Because no blended family would be complete without one. (But she's only half crazy EOW & alternating holidays)

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