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Skinny Mom & Thin Dad

As previously posted I am currently transforming myself into a cook. Each week (or everyday, whatev) I scour the internet searching for the next WW friendly recipe to use on my family. Each meal must meet specific requirements.

1 – Must not be over 6 points a serving.

2 – Must be easy to make by my retarted-so-not-a-chef self.

3 – Must have ingredients I can actually FIND in Target.

and 4 – Must be something I could envision MFOC actually eating without making horrid “Mom you’re trying to poison me” faces.

One time Daddio cooked this awesome coconut curry meal that was delish to the max, only the amount of curry in it did not agree with MFOC’s mouth and thus we lost the dinner battle that night.

So, the other night, as I am searching the kitchen to try and find where exactly Daddio has put the saucepans and mixing spoons (dude, for the last 6 months I have not cooked ONCE…) I realized that this whole dinner thing would be SO much easier if they had a cookbook that was dedicated to easy meals that were healthy, home cooked, and 100% toddler approved. And by healthy I mean aimed at letting mom & dad drop a few pounds. ***

Because, really, how many parents who are just starting to refocus on getting healthy or cooking more want to open a cookbook and think to themselves “Oh, spaghetti squash with avocado pesto sauce would be amazing tonight!” (Note, that is currently our meal plan for Saturday, though…) So I turned to Daddio and blurted “We should write a cookbook and have it focused on easy meals low in points that toddlers like which also come withe the option to make in bulk to be frozen and/or used the following day as leftovers for lunches.”

And I think it should have two sections. First is all for the beginners. People like ME who have a desire to start cooking more and making healthy choices for the family but have no idea where the sauce spoons are.

And the second half are for people like Daddio. Who totally know where the sauce spoons are AND know where to find the measuring cups and have reached the “I actually like to cook” point in their lives.

I’m trying to get there people. Trying.

So we’re going to start a “Skinny Mom & Thin Dad” franchise with our first cookbook being called “Baby Steps to Cooking Fit” Because nothing solves the problem of being over worked like adding another project to the mix.

HOWEVER, I’m excited because since the first week that I’ve known Daddio, he’s always commented on wanting to write a cookbook. And I’ve always thought he was looney because no way was I about to spend five years being his guinea pig on how to take traditional English meals and create them on traditional American ingredients. Besides, who exactly was going to BUY that kind of cook book to compensate me for the amount of guineapigging I’d be forced to do in order to support him?

But this? Yeah this whole Skinny Mom/Thin Dad bit is good. Real good. Because Daddio can write and I can learn to cook and together we can focus on teaching our kids how to eat healthy and that cooking your own food is awesome and not totally hippie.

I am excited people.

Now I just need to figure out exactly how to go about the whole coming up with recipes thing. Only a minor set back …

*** I’m sure such a cook-book does exist however for our family we will simply pretend it doesnt and contribute to the pollution of self-help-make-me-skinny-family-friendly-cook-books that sit on the shelves of families across the country.


oh not again

Going through the open tabs and trying to consolidate them as much as possible or at least close the ones I really don’t care enough about to continue reading and I stumbled on this little jewel.

At first I was having a fun giggle or two at the images of her being ‘dangerously close’ to fitting into her favorite jeans again. But something she said stuck with me in regards to her post-baby body –

‘It’s as if I have to make peace with my body again. No cardio will ever lift my c-section scar or my stretch marks – they’re my baby battle wounds. But… I will fit in my jeans again. I can do the work to make that happen. And, I will find a way to feel sexy again.’
Since MFOC was born I’ve yo-yoed up and down with the same 10 pounds. Very long yo-yos, but still the same. The truth is, I think a part of my was too scared to face the reality.

No matter how much weight I lose, my body will NEVER be the way it was when I was 19.

Some of the changes in my body would require lots of expensive and unneeded surgeries in order to make it look like “before”. Who wants to admit that? Who wants to admit that even after all the hard work and reaching that end goal, seeing the goal weight on the scale, that even then you still won’t look like those models. It makes you wonder in the back of your head if it’s worth it. If the struggle is worth it.

I am not just on a quest to reach a specific weight. I am on a quest to find myself sexy again. Sexy in a make love with the lights on kind of way. The physical marks on my body from pregnancy and birthing a child are never.going.away. Even with losing 60+ pounds (in the end) they will still be there.

And my boobs will still sag.

I need to be able to understand that, expect it, respect it. I have to find a way to make peace with my ‘mommy body’ and while I get fit & healthy I need to be embracing the changes my body went through 3 years ago and not let it hold me back from feeling sexy and attractive.

I need to redefine my idea of sexy to include room for saggy skin, stretch marks, and even a little muffin-top. I need to redefine what sexy is to me, so that I can be able to view myself as fitting into that definition.

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